Shambles: Summer of Infinite Jestation

I predict this will take two minutes at most…
August 4, 2010, 12:04 pm
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infinite summery up through p. 590-ish.

So, first things first: Oh, Pemulis – I’m just a little sad he didn’t waste everybody’s time and ask if he was interrupting, but I guess that’s all part of the suspense/hilarity of the situation. Those Nucks, role-playing football and godknowswhatelse. I wonder what Avril really does in her spare time….

Naturally, I’m also very curious to know what exactly happens in the soul-sucking too-pleasurable Entertainment; however, that (for now, anyway) seems to be another facet that will not be explained, as all explanations tend to be cut off when the Entertainment reaches is pleasurable zenith. I wonder how Joelle ties into this (I mean, she’s obviously the veiled female in it), because she sounds a lot like Medusa/Odalisque. I’m also sort of waiting to see how the idea of extreme “good” (i.e. beauty, pleasure) that becomes extremely “bad”, if we’re going to reduce these things to Manichean terms (I don’t know that this is necessarily wise or helpful), will play out – how exactly does Joelle’s extreme beauty affect people? Perhaps its exactly as she says (so D. Gately should take her seriously), where the extremity of her beauty becomes a deformity, forcing her to don a U.H.I. veil. What she says about herself in her conversation with Gately makes her sound like a kind of human embodiment of the Entertainment, which makes me wonder what exactly happened to make her fall out with the big, hilarious O. Who, if the top of page 567 is alluding to what I think it’s alluding to, has never recovered from cutting ties with the lovely Madame Psychosis*.

Along with the idea of success not bringing happiness as alf mentioned in her last comment – bringing instead destruction – (though admittedly, as in the case of Clipperton, this isn’t exactly… eh, kosher, legitimate success, so perhaps there’s a nuanced caveat that I’ll have to think more carefully about), DFW seems to be playing around a lot with polar opposites collapsing upon one another. I’m thinking primarily of Pemulis and Arslanian’s conversation about Booger’s crippling anxiety that inhibits him from grasping the concept of annular fusion/annular energy cycles, and how the Concavity, because it is sustained by extreme toxins and sort of blackhole when you force them upon one another (vague expl. on p. 573), is so “fertilely lush it’s practically unlivable” (and, rofl at this, filled with herds of gigantic rampaging infants and other herds of feral ex-domesticants like hamsters. I just imagine rabid versions of Alvin + associated chipmunks).

Anyway, in other news, Lenz seems to have totally gone off his rocker, what with his creepy rodent -> cats -> somebody’s large pet dog killing. That and he’s totally Bing-ing away, which Green seems accutely aware of. And the AFR/wheelchair mafia seems to have resumed fanclubbery status around Orin.

What of the Eschaton debacle? I’m also waiting for DFW to reveal to us how exactly our creepily diction-precise Hal of YDAU, Novemberish, becomes what appears to be trapped in a frothing, incomprehensible body in Year of the Glad.

*maybe that explains his current manwhorishness? In a related tangent, I love that DFW is keeping up this practice of calling things what they are not, or featuring these naming oxymorons – i.e. Orin’s “The Subject”, who he really treats as objects, etc.


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